Brian John Mitchell (founder of Silber Records) started Remora in 1996 as a recording project amid frustrations of finding like minded musicians in the American south. Sticking on his own & staying in relative musical isolation, Remora developed its own unique flavors following Mitchell’s current musicial inspirations. The 1990s saw Remora as a single guitar making ambient walls of tranquility & aggression. The 2000s saw Remora doing everything from a capella (Songs I Sing) & acoustic guitar releases (The Alcohol EPs) to robotic rhythms (Mecha) & a full band structure (Scars Bring Hope) & occassionally delving back to the guitar noise roots (Reversion, Derivative). Within the context of all these styles, the music remains recognizable as Remora in a genre of its own that Michell calls “post-apocalyptic pop” with equal influences from Joy Division, Jandek, Godflesh, lovesliescrushing, & Brian Eno.

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The Heart That Kills
Release Date: 14 June 2012
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