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Patient, Patient is a post-rock / alternative-rock band based in a small town in Germany. Started with playingiIndie-rock in 2011 Patient, Patient’s music evolved into a widespread mix of warm, mellow surfaces and cold, sharp textures which creates a very unique and melancholic atmosphere.

Inspired by various post-rock and Shoegaze artists they make dreamy and arousing, soft and rough collide. Singer Jonathan Rosenfeld’s possessive voice assimilates with Markus Rogalski and Alexander Birwe’s wide guitar soundscape and Tobias Donath’s heavy drumming. Every song they create gives different tastes. Some have more electronic influences with drum machines and synthesizers and some are influenced by post-hardcore. This makes their songs very distinct however, each one gives new tastes. Go and dive into their music, your own way.

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Patient, Patient
Of Illusions and the Way to Find
Release Date: 02 October 2015
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