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Glasgow Coma Scale was formed in February 2011 by Piotr and Marek Kowalski. The two brothers and trained classical musicians lived their lives between Krakow/Poland, where they were born, Barcelona/Spain and finally settled in Frankfurt / Germany. However, they never got the chance to play together in the same band. Along with drummer Helmes Bode the idea has now come full circle. If the Kowalskis are the “head” and “heart” of the group, then Bode delivers pumping blood and a dense connective tissue.

Glascow Coma Scale is named after a neurological method that helps to assess the status of the central nervous system and classify the patient’s state of disorder. For those who want to know if the coma therapy really works, go and listen to their new record. If you are into psychedelic rock, the new album will expand your universe since it takes the music of the first EP “Apophenia” to an even further level. “Enter Oblivion” to be released via Fluttery Records in December 2016.

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Glasgow Coma Scale
Enter Oblivion
Release Date: 12 December 2016
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