A Deep Red

Release Date: 22 November 2015
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Track List / Full Previews

1. A Deep Red
2. Do You Remember the Lake
3. Restricted by Force
4. Mesmerize
5. Ages Old
6. Broken Down
7. Islanders
8. Chapters
9. They Say the Sun Will Die Soon

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About The Album  

Code I's soundscapes, intertwining harmonies and gentle guitar melodies take you on a journey through sound. They let your mind wander to new plateaus and bask in the audible sunshine, only to be interrupted by the eviscerating blows of desperate guitars and drums, transporting you to new worlds, a complete contrast to the ones you left behind. Code I’s innovative post rock - which forces you from one extreme to the other - connects hints of metal, hardcore and heavy rock, complete with intermingling segues of ambient and even orchestral. Code I has entered the post rock world, and kicked into its teeth a new, edgy niche, one which may be young but has the strength of all that came before, and adds to the genre a vitally fresh aesthetic of depth and introspection.

Code I has always combined elegant ambient sequences within his work; creating beautiful soundscapes and cerebral melodies that are only halted by the barrage of his rock and metal roots. ‘A Deep Red‘, is no exception.

Within this record, Code I’s home grown metal and rock roots flourish, these are most noticeable on the tracks ‘Broken Down’ and ‘Mesmerize’. This is not to say that Code I’s dark tonal elements have been made redundant, not at all. ‘A Deep Red’ takes you on a journey of slow burning guitar melodies, delicate sonic trade-offs and hard hitting guitars make this album an expedition of emotional and heart soothing proportions.


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